Revolutionizing Snacking: LAIKI Unveils Perfectly Balanced Gluten-Free Cracker Line

Crunchy, Crispy, Flavorful and Nutritious with Clean Ingredients - consumers can now have it all!

San Francisco, CA – LAIKI, the company well known for their award-winning specialty black and red gluten-free rice crackers, is proud to announce a new line that does even better: a perfectly balanced gluten-free cracker line for snacking and entertaining. The new line is made with clean ingredients including Whole Grain Brown Rice, Tapioca Starch, Rice Bran Oil and uses Real and Clean flavors.

The new line comes in three flavors: Truffles and Pepper, Cheddar Cheese, and Hint of Sea Salt.

Speaking on the research that went into developing this new innovation, the founder and CEO of LAIKI, Pradeep Akkunoor, says:

“LAIKI has a very unique softer crunch that allows for a much faster flavor release so that you can enjoy both the flavor and the crunch simultaneously, as opposed to the disconnect we feel when having crackers that crumble or are too hard for a good flavor release. We spent multiple years of research and going through many iterations to develop this new formula that strikes the perfect balance between the consumer needs of texture and flavor while using clean and healthy ingredients. This led to a nutritious everyday snack that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. There simply is no other cracker that delivers this desired balance!”

For Your Snacking and Entertaining Needs, LAIKI Delivers!

There are crackers perfectly suited for your snack cravings and others that are perfectly suited for your entertaining needs… LAIKI does both! From charcuterie boards and elegant appetizer layouts to on-the-go snack breaks and lunchboxes, LAIKI crackers can take you from school to a foodie soirée. Decadent enough for your guests and healthy enough for your daily routine, these crackers are the definition of a crowd pleasure.

The new gluten-free crackers and flavors continue to remain true to the original LAIKI philosophy of using as few ingredients as possible with minimal processing. On a mission to create the best crackers in the world, the LAIKI team focused on what the people want and have been asking for from them as a snack company which was a natural product, high in whole grains, that was perfectly crispy and crunchy while still holding up to being handled while shipping, and that, most importantly, tasted indulgent and craveable yet still was health conscious. LAIKI has delivered! Each serving (10 crackers) is only 130 calories, provides 20 grams of whole grains, and satisfies a savory craving.